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ATS Elgi Stream Wash

ATS ELGI is leading the way in introducing the portable steam cleaner – Compacto Steam. A Steam car wash is an eco-friendly approach , a process that uses steam to wash the interiors and exteriors of a car. The steam wash is an environmental friendly process that requires a minimum amount of water and does not require any usage of harsh chemicals. The steam generated is hot enough to get rid of the dirt and grease and smooth enough to not damage the surface. When compared to a pressure washer, a steam cleaner is equipped with tools which facilitate cleaning of hard to reach areas.

The compact O Steam is an ideal solution for both professional and domestic users. The portable design helps in cleaning and sanitizing heavy duty applications like automobiles, commercial kitchens, gyms and fitness center, the health care sector and even in domestic use like home and carpet cleaning.

How does a steam car wash work

The steam produced with little water as input removes and dissolves the dirt, oil stains, bad odours, killing viruses, bacteria, germs and bed bugs thereby cleaning & sanitizing the surface and de-odorizing it. The steam is sprayed with a help of a nozzle pointing directly on the surface. This process is entirely scratch proof and does not cause any damage to the paint. Since the steam produced is of high temperature and pressure , it is advised to take professional help for the washing service. Steam washing takes about 10-15 minutes to steam cleaning your entire car. The process and amount of water consumed might vary depending on the length and interior space capacity of the vehicle as well.

Steam Wash benefits

The environmental friendly design reduces any environmental impact throughout its life cycle. The steam uses very little water and there is hardly any waste water. It eliminates any use of harsh chemicals.

Features of ATS ELGI Compact O Steam

Portability and Anti Scaling Technology.

  • The steam cleaners light design and manoeuvrability facilitates easy cleaning of even the tightest parts. Patented Anti-scaling technology ensures crystallization of minerals and hence there is no scale build-up inside the boiler tank. Thereby avoiding the use of chemicals.

Complete Package

  • The steam cleaner not only gets rid of the dust and grime ,the high pressure and high-temperature steam ensures complete cleaning along with sanitization. With high efficiency/ heavy-duty motor, it can be used for both professional cleaning like car cleaning, motorbike cleaning and domestic usage like- carpet cleaning as well.

Eco – Friendly

  • The steam cleaner is an eco friendly wash that has no water wastage or drainage issues.

Compact O Steam a sure fire tool

  • There are many steam cleaners in the market that come with challenges of design being bulkier, requiring fuel, hard water non viability , usage of harsh chemicals and anti scaling agents and high cost of ownership, The CompactO steam wash is the premium solution for a sustainable business.