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Automatic Two Wheeler Washer Part-1

ATS ELGI started with a single plunge car washer back in the 1960s followed by a washing lift for two wheelers, passenger cars and commercial vehicles. As it is often said, the rest is history. Today ATS ELGI is one of the largest manufacturer and distributor of automotive service equipment. The increasing market demand and the commitment towards decreasing carbon foot print and energy saving has resulted in offering a modern twist with the automotive washing equipment.

The latest addition is the Two Wheeler Washer – Smart Wash Turbo to the world of washing. The automatic Two Wheeler Washer improves productivity and lowers the dependence on human resources. Automation in washing equipment is immensely beneficial to the two wheeler segment customers.

Choosing an Automatic Bike or Two Wheeler Washing Equipment

On an average bike/scooter owners use their vehicle for daily commuting for about 40Kms per day. Nearly every user faces the problem of dirt and dusty motorcycle. The traditional method of washing is labour intensive and the output is inconsistent and largely depended on human efficiency. With the upgrade to machine generated washing, the efficiency of two wheeler workshops is set to improve dramatically.

Let us consider why we need to opt for an Automatic Bike or Two Wheeler Washing Equipment over other ways of washing.

  • Basics of an Automation in Washing

The installation of an automatic Two wheeler washer requires very minimum space. The bike or the scooter that needs wash is placed in the wash bay. The wash bay is located at the centre of the whole system where a ramp is fixed. The ramp is designed to sustain the weight of any scooter or bike. The frame has vertical bars that gives support to the pipes. The high pressurized spray of water is struck on the vehicle for cleaning. The oscillating motion of the pipes covers the entire surface area of the two wheeler. Compressed air equipment is used to run the entire system.

ATS ELGI Automatic Two wheeler Washer- Smart Wash Turbo

The automatic Two wheeler washer has the all requirements that gives superior quality wash.

Premium Accessories from ATS ELGI

  • Drive Out Ramp
  • Remote Control Panel
  • Foam Lance
  • Splashguard

What makes ATS Automatic Two Wheeler Washer Different?

  • Can wash 10-15 two wheelers per hour.
  • Takes only 52 seconds per two wheeler wash.
  • Simultaneous operation of integrated under chassis washer with 6 nozzles ensures time savings and reduced water consumption.
  • Streamlines water and power usage.
  • Reduces dependence on skilled people.
  • Improves washing quality and maintains it throughout the day.
  • Lowers water consumption – 38-40 litres/two wheeler wash.

Smart Wash Turbo comes with the flexibility to pick and choose a design model, where user can opt for add-on accessories to upgrade their machine.

ATS ELGI's Smart Wash Turbo is an ideal solution to upgrade your workshops and washing centres from manual. Now you can get the vehicle washed without wastage of water, shampoo, power and reduced manpower. The system can also be integrated with our state of art water recycling plant for complete recycling and recovery of wastewater from washing.

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