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Car Dent- Removing Dents Effortlessly without affecting the paint

Car paint- is that so important to maintain?

The most basic function of your car’s paint is aesthetics. As with any other personal item, your vehicle should reflect who you are, and make a positive first impression. This is particularly true if you use your vehicle for business purposes. In that case your car is part of your image and you have every reason to want it to be as spotless as your professional reputation.

Since auto paint is one of the most obvious features of a car, you may be tempted to think of it in purely aesthetic terms, but that would be a mistake. As we mentioned above, looks are important, but your car’s paint also prevents structural damage to your vehicle. Paint protects your car’s body, and prevents it from weakening over years of constant exposure to the elements.

Most people buy cars based on looks and aesthetic appeal. If your car looks good, the value is higher than if your car looks old and run down. Properly cared for paint will dramatically boost the resale value of your car, but scratches, dents, and chips can drive the price down. Repairing your windshield, frame damage repair, and repainting your car is an investment in its value and the integrity of your vehicle

How a dent can be removed without harming car paint?

So what is paint less dent repair?

Workshops use paint less dent repair (PDR) to make the process totally paint less. By accessing the damaged area of the vehicle from beneath the dent, the exterior can be pushed back into its former shape. So long as the technician can access the underside of the body panel, this technique is a viable option.

Paint less dent repair actually involves a few techniques. In some cases, specialty tools use suction to pull the dented area back into shape. The auto body repair technician uses tools to access the vehicle’s steel or aluminum paneling. After getting into the car’s paneling, the technician can repair the dents on the vehicle without the need to match the vehicle’s paint and thus sparing the customer from an expensive paint job. In other cases, a customer may want to get their car painted, but dents need to be removed first to create a smooth surface area. No matter the reason, paint less dent removal saves customers time and money.