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Double Scissor Lift

Why to Choose a Double Scissor Hydraulic Lift for your Garage

Scissor Lift – Basic Facts

A double scissor hydraulic lift is also known as car scissor lift, auto scissor lift or garage scissor lift. It consists of two platforms parallel to one another. The platform raises and lowers on the scissors to place a vehicle at ergonomic heights for specific maintenance tasks.

Read to find out how to pick the best tool for your needs and the basic parameters to consider.


This basic parameter indicates the weight of the car that can be worked upon. ATS ELGI provides scissor lift with a lifting capacity of 4 tonnes. The lift has been specifically designed to suit all type of wheel alignment operations. This model supports both on ground and in ground installation options.

2.Lifting Height

Lifting height is important for working comfort. If the setting scope is larger, it will be easier to adjust the height at which the car is. This facilitates easier access to threshold, parts of the underbody and brakes.

Types of Scissor Lifts & Applications

ATS ELGI offers double scissors lift with a lifting height of 1900mm

3.How do they work

The scissor lift control system moves the hydraulic fluid from the power pack unit to the operating cylinders. The hydraulic cylinder pushes outwards for upward movement and causes the scissor legs to push apart, raising the platform.

4. Safety

A scissor lift is safe to use, unless the recommended capacity exceeds, it should work trouble-free for years. There are lifts with special warning systems that warn against sudden drops of the platforms. So, it might be a good idea to check if the chosen scissor lift comes with solutions like this one.

ATS ELGI offers Wheel Alignment Scissors Lift with an alarm. Lift at 400mm to ground will have an alarm that prevents accidental injury.

Scissor Lift or Two Post Lifts

The scissor lifts take very little space. So – if you are looking for a solution that takes little space, scissor lifts are a great choice. They provide great working conditions if you deal with tyre changing as well as for other mechanical works.

ATS ELGI offers Double Scissor Lifts that are ideal for quick repair bays with a lower footprint with two variants-above the ground and in-ground based upon our requirement. All ATS ELGI products are made of superior quality materials and strict quality control at every stage of the manufacturing process means perfect quality of the final product.

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