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Factory finish painting for 2W segment

When was the last time you had a thought about painting your bike?

Most people want their cars or bikes to look brand new, but they aren’t sure how to choose an automotive paint. Automotive paint, unlike any other generic paint, is meant to be on the car/bike body for its lifetime, well almost. It is made as a compound mixture of certain products where a particular product plays its own respective role.

Should a bike be painted very cautiously? Believe it or not, nowadays bikes come with a super-powered engine with customized colors as per customer’s needs. Automotive paint has a dramatic effect on the overall look of the vehicle. Thus painting a bike requires special skills and specialized equipment. A bike can be painted exceptionally. But how? Using a paint booth. The bike should be painted very carefully to maintain its original OEM mixed color. In addition to thermal lights, the booth has a dryer to dry the paint faster.

What is a paint booth?

A paint booth is a large, contained environment equipped with exhaust assembly and filters to make bike spray painting safer, cleaner and quicker. It enhances results by altering air pressure to blow contaminants out of the container and clear out overspray from the paint sprayers.

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