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Two Post Hydraulic Lifts

ATS ELGI is a leading manufacturer of two post hydraulic lifts having a market share of 60% in India. We are in constant pursuit of better functionality and designs that are long lasting and safe.

Basics of a Hydraulic Lift

A hydraulic lift is an equipment which is used in vertical transportation of vehicles in applications such as auto repair shops. This lifting platforms have wide adaptability and delivers a stable and safe lifting. It uses a hydraulic fluid apparatus to move or raise vehicles, using the force that is formed when pressure is exerted on the hydraulic liquid in a piston.

A two post hydraulic lift consists of two upright columns with four adjustable arms attached to a carriage assembly and two hydraulic cylinders. The power unit delivers hydraulic fluid to the cylinders. Cables installed between the carriages ensure the arms move together. The hydraulic fluid pushes the piston up that causes the platform to rise. To move downwards, the valve opens and the fluid is allowed to flow back into the reservoir and is pushed back using the gravitational force of the lift.

Benefits of Using a Hydraulic Lift

The sturdy and durable design of hydraulic lift has made them popular in auto workshops. They are economical and have low maintenance. They can be easily installed and operated. They are reliable and produce impeccable results that lead to high productivity rates.

Features of ATS ELGI Two Post Hydraulic Lift

The gantry free design of the hydraulic lift enables servicing of high raised vehicles and the clear floor design makes working beneath the vehicles easy. For additional safety an arm resistant on each arm engages the vehicle when it is lifted. A rubber pad on either sides is facilitated for protection during door opening. A manual release locking system is embedded on both the sides. Two full stroke cylinders are present in each column. A telescopic arm pad facilitates quick and easy vehicle contacts.


ATS ELGI Electro – Hydraulic hoist with base is used for lifting vehicles to any comfortable working height up to 6 feet. High raised vehicle can be easily accommodated in this lift. They are helpful during under chassis repair, transmission repair, oil change and any other repair calling for a wheel free condition.

Why choose ATS ELGI

More than 85% of the components are manufactured at in-house facilities. Some of the facilities that are available at the shop floor are:

  • Laser Cutting Machine
  • Bending Machine
  • Robot Welding
  • VMC Machines
  • Automatic Conveyor Powder coating plant
  • Assembly and Testing Facilities

ATS ELGI has installed more than 16000 lifts nationwide. We have a team who can guide you in the auto workshop application based on the space available. To choose the best hydraulic lift for your needs, please contact one of our trained staff today.