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  • It can repair the brake Drums/Discs from Heavy Trucks to Light commercials vehicles and certain Passenger cars.
  • Hub-based brake skimming machine – Drum/Discs will be mounted in the skimming machine as like it will be mounted on axles.
  • It has higher rigidity and accurate work piece positioning.
  • Cutting tools ensures rigid and effective operation.
  • Brake drums can be skimmed on the first spindle and the brake disc can be skimmed on the second spindle.
  • User friendly and easy to operate.
  • Handles both brake drums and brake discs.
Parameter Range

Processing Diameter (mm)

Brake Drum


Brake Disc


Rotating Speed of Work-piece

30/52/85 r/min

Max. Travel of Tool

170 mm

Feeding Rate

0.16 mm/r



Motor Power

1.1 kW

Power supply


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