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  • Virtually unlimited holding and positioning options.
  • True 360-degree pulling capability of pulling tower.
  • Unique tower design that allows ganging around the deck – even at the corners.
  • Vertical Pulling tower with telescoping heads provides unsurpassed 10 Ton power at the hook.
  • The tilting platform and drive-on ramps makes loading/ unloading faster than ever before.
  • Unique Single Bolt Sill Clamping allows mounting & demounting the car faster.
  • Compatible to use Electronic Measuring System.
  • Unique Design – Permanently attached plat form allows using welding & cutting equipments on bench while pulling.

BRAVO 360 – Specification

Specifications/ Features BRAVO 360 BRAVO 360 +
Model 4 Clamp System 4 Clamp System
Max Lifting Capacity 3000 kg 3000 kg
Clear Lifting Height 520 mm 1100 mm
Bench Dimensions (L x B x H) 5500 x 2100 x 520 mm  5500 x 2100 x 1100 mm 
Installation Dimensions (L x B) 6500 x 3400 mm x 2670 mm 6500 x 3400 mm x 2670 mm
Pulling Operation Height 520 mm 520 mm
Max Pulling Force 10 Ton 10 Ton
Lifting Mechanism Hydro Pneumatic  Hydro Pneumatic 
Compressed Air Requirement 8 bar 8 bar
Vehicle Loading Time 5-6 min 5-6 min
Pulling Tower Design Vertical Pulling Tower  Vertical Pulling Tower 
Pulling Tower Rotation Sliding Type Tower  Sliding Type Tower 
Pulling Tower Locking Not Applicable Not Applicable
Adaptable with 2D/3D measuring Systems YES   YES  
Roof Pulling Possible (Included) Possible (Included)
Pulling & Safety Accessories Included Included
Chassis Pulling CLAMPS Optional Optional
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