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Model: CRS – 106

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  • Suitable for all models of passenger cars
  • SUV and MPV
  • All major crashes can be repaired
  • Possibility to fix every model present on the market
  • Vehicle pinchweld aren’t damaged
  • Plastic protection pinchweld aren’t dismounted
  • Vehicle is anchored in its most resistant structural points
  • Possibility to execute every kind of pull, ideal in case of lateral accident or banana crash.
  • Rapid with small accidents
  • The vehicle is centred on the board bench, in this way it’s possible to make every kind of measurement ( body or mechanics)
  • Possibility to fix the Mc Pherson system and compare the measures of the shock absorbers
  • Possibility to measure the engine mounting points.
  • Possible to repair cabin & chassis separately
  • Controlling each mechanical points through universal jigs
  • Possibility to save maximum damaged parts as this system repair in sections
  • Easy & accurate replacement of damage body parts where mechanical parts are mounted
  • Reduce repair cost and time
  • True 10 Ton puller which is effective at all the heights
  • 5 Ton lifting capacity suitable to lift all type of passenger cars or LCV’s
S.No Specifications CRS 106
1 Bench length 4000mm /5000mm
2 Bench width 1100mm
3 Lifting capacity 5 Ton
4 Lifting height 1550 mm
5 Control box 415V 50Hz 3 Phases 2.2KW
6 Pulling tower capacity 10 Ton
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