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Eyelight Plus Diagnostic line

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  • Eyelight Plus is among the fastest diagnostic balancers on the world market.
  • The graphic interface and touchscreen technology simplify and speed up operations and work programme selection.
  • Artificial vision and dimension measurement with contactless system – EYELIGHT PLUS uses a professional quality video camera and advanced Corghi patented artificial vision technology to acquire and process the wheel image, and identify the balancing planes.
  • The integrated LED illuminator illuminates the work area to facilitate rim cleaning and application of the counterweights.
  • The internal point laser pointer indicates the correct position for applying the adhesive counterweights with absolute precision.
  • The diagnostic programme measures – radial and lateral wheel run-out, wheel drift which causes the vehicle to pull constantly to one side of the road when driving in a straight line and tread depth.
  • Intelligent positioning, weight management, hidden weight automatic.
  • New “Hidden Weight Automatic” programme to divide the external side balancing adhesive weight into two equivalent weights hidden behind the spokes. A completely autonomous operation.
  • Automatically opening compact wheel guard – Opens automatically to speed up jobs and save time.
  • One-Touch multifunction button – Makes selecting the work programmes available simpler and quicker.
  • Winut – Simply press the button on the sleeve to lock quicker and with less effort than before.
Parameter Range
Settable wheel width range 1.6” -23.6”
Settable wheel diameter range 1” – 35”
Measurable wheel diameter range 10” – 32”
Wheel maximum width (with guard) 600 mm / 23.6”
Wheel maximum diameter (with guard) 1118 mm / 44”
Wheel weight 75kg
Balancing speed 75-85-98 rpm
Average measurement time (14kg wheel) 7 s
Power supply voltage 115÷230V1ph 50/60 Hz
Total power consumption 700W
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