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  • PCV
  • CV
  • Wash Station
  • Mining
  • Industries/Others
  • Single Plunger reciprocating pump for high performance
  • Minimum maintenance and service requirements
  • Heavy duty motors ensures continuous washing operation
  • Washing jobs done conveniently at less time
  • Single Plunger car washer LL03 having twin guns for washing for higher productivity
  • Water discharge as high as 26.3 lpm possible by single plunger washer
Specifications Models
LL 03 022
Displacement (lpm) 26.3
Delivery per gun (lpm) 11.5
No. Of Guns 2
No. Of Plungers 1
Operating Pressure (Bar) 22
Motor Power (Hp) 3
Pump Speed (rpm) 350
Type of mounting Base / Tank
Suction Type Positive/ Negative
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