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ATS ELGi expands wheel aligners portfolio with 2 new-age products

ATS ELGI, a wholly owned subsidiary of ELGi Equipments Ltd, has launched two new products Velox – a Contactless Wheel aligner and Spectrum 4C and High precision premium 3D wheel aligner at the recently held Auto Expo 2023.

According to company officials both the products have received strong orders from individual garages and large corporates offering end-to-end car servicing solutions.

With more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing, ATS ELGi has established a modern facility at Kurichi, Tamil Nadu where it manufactures accurate wheel alignment equipment for the domestic market. It claims to be the country’s largest manufacturer and distributor of automotive service equipment and offers the widest range of garage equipment.

As per the Coimbatore-based company, Velox offers a contactless wheel alignment system that has several video cameras and a smart light projection system to perform live 3D scanning of each wheel. The wheel alignment check of each car coming into the service area allows an increase in the number of services rendered subsequently gaining more profitability for the car repair shop and dealership center and improving the customer service quality.

In this measure the car takes one minute without requiring any additional space in the front and back of the car. ELGi’s equipment can cover a range of wheelbases from 1800 mm up to 4000 mm with a high-performance modern computer that provides high-speed measurements.

High precision premium 3D wheel aligner comes with four widescope high-resolution cameras in a single beam. Cameras are installed in front of the car and targets are attached to the car’s wheels using wheel adapters.

The digital high-resolution cameras with an embedded IR backlight allow ATS ELGI software to track the precise spatial positions of each target ensuring easy measurement in both PIT & LIFT, three point self-centering clamps with 4 HD Cameras offering The widest wheelbase range is 1800mm to 6000mm which is remote compatible using user-friendly software.