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Always be the choice everywhere

Always ” – being included as an option in every decision by our stakeholders

the choice ”- with an emphasis on “ the ”, means whatever we offer must be superior in all respects so that we are the natural choice for our stakeholders.

everywhere ”- wherever a stakeholder is, ATS ELGI must be a natural choice.

The ATS ELGI Values

The ATS ELGI values have been derived from the real soul of ATS ELGI- its people! Through the ATS ELGI values, the company re-inforces its beliefs and follows it with awareness and pride. Each and every value below is an outcome of what the ATS ELGIites observed, experienced and lived at ATS ELGI.


COLLABORATION : Collaborating with each other will lead to greater synergy and higher efficiency

What it means at ATS ELGI?

  • Bond together, cooperate, support and standup to each other
  • Demonstrate empathy and co-operation with team members and all stakeholders
  • Draw upon each other’s strengths for greater, longer and impactful results.

COST PRUDENCE : Being judicious in the way we manage our costs will give us a competitive edge and make us resilient

What it means at ATS ELGI?

  • Being far-sighted, sensible, vigilant, wise and thoughtful in all aspects related to resource management, capital and outflow of funds.
  • Being conscious of the value-add we bring while using every resource of ATS ELGI.
  • Ability to judiciously prioritize spending, keeping in mind the value we get for what we spend.

INNOVATION : A culture of innovation will energize the organization and enable us to stay ahead of competition

What it means at ATS ELGI?

  • Bringing in new ideas, introducing novel features to enhance products and their experiences.
  • Embracing change, experimenting, pioneering and reforming in all that is done to make it better.
  • Not being content with ‘what we are doing’ and ‘how we are doing’ – but striving to add value all the time to all our stakeholders.

INTEGRITY : Integrity in everything we do will earn the trust of all stakeholders

What it means at ATS ELGI?

  • Demonstrating high character, credibility and honour that makes each one of us reliable, dependable and worthy of trust.
  • Being truthful, open and honest in thought, work and deed.
  • Standing for the truth but also being sensitive to the context by being appropriate in communicating the same, such that it adds value to the context and encourages transparency at all levels.
  • Demonstrating personal excellence without supervision.

QUALITY : Delivering consistent quality will earn stakeholder trust. The opportunities could be in terms of employment, investment, partnership or societal empathy.

What it means at ATS ELGI?

  • Demonstrating excellence, class, superior conditions and a high standard in all that we do and deliver.
  • Consistently delivering quality and building a relationship of trust with all our stakeholders.
  • Being quality conscious and continuously striving to add qualitative values to all that is done.

SENSITIVITY : Giving stakeholders what they need even before they ask will build lasting relationships

What it means at ATS ELGI?

  • Being perceptive, receptive, aware and sensitive to all that is happening around.
  • Being anticipative and proactive in understanding the needs of the stakeholders and acting accordingly.
  • Being responsive rather than reactive.
  • Representing collective needs and speaking up for those who cannot, in an appropriate way.

SPEED : The faster we respond to opportunities the quicker we will grow as an organization

What it means at ATS ELGI?

  • Agile and alert at sighting opportunities that can add value to the ATS ELGI Vision and ability to act on it swiftly.
  • Smart and quick at grasping the needs of every stakeholder, such that appropriate and time sensitive responses can be provided.
  • Ability to move with the changing times and trends, such that all solutions offered are appropriate and keeping ATS ELGI ahead of competition.