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All about Spectrum 4C 3D Wheel Aligner

ATS ELGI wheel aligner has four Widescope high resolution cameras in single beam. Cameras are installed in front of the car and Targets are attached to the car’s wheels using wheel adapters.

ATS ELGI wheel alignment systems use cameras to observe targets determining wheel’s precise position in 3D space.

Digital high-resolution cameras with an embedded IR backlight allow ATS ELGI software to track precise spatial positions of each target.

Features & Benefits of Spectrum 4C 3D Wheel Aligner Equipment :

  • Very durable and impact resistant and high precision target boards.
  • Machine vision system measured PIT and LIFT and any height position without moving camera beam.
  • The 3D model of the car chassis allows you to see position and wheel alignment angles on the screen in real-time.
  • User friendly interface and advanced Help and Support System allow even notices to learn how to use the wheel aligner quickly and to start working
  • The range of working heights of the lift is up to twice as much as similar wheel aligners of other manufacturers.
  • The 4-camera wheel aligner makes it possible to take measurements and adjust on the lift from the alignment height (1700 mm) to the floor level without using any camera displacement mechanisms, stairs and stands.
  • Minimum distance (from 1200 mm) from camera units to the lift or pit in comparison to similar wheel aligners of other companies.
  • Camera to turntable distance is 1200 to 2500mm
  • Wheelbase range 1800 to 6000mm. Longer wheelbase measurement to use big vehicle alignment.
  • Bluetooth remote control ensures easy operation.
  • Does not need calibration and allows you to start working right after installation,
  • VODI – Auxiliary target display for target setting

Toe out on turns and maximum turning angle measurement :

Bluetooth remote operated :

Technical Specification :

Parameter Measurement Range
Camber ±8°±3’
Toe ±5°±3’
Caster ±19°±8’
SAI/KPI ±19°±8’
Thrust Angle ±2.5°±3’
Geometrical Driving Axis ±2.5°±3’

Final Thoughts :

From its advanced 3D capabilities to the tangible benefits it imparts on safety, tire longevity, and overall driving experience, the Spectrum 4C wheel aligner stands as a beacon of innovation in the automotive realm.The Spectrum 4C 3D Wheel Aligner has undoubtedly set a new standard, and we invite you to embrace the future of precise wheel alignment for a driving experience like never before.