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Clean Your Car with Power of Steam


Steam and automobile has a long history. During 18 th and 19 th centuries the first experimental steam power cars were built. Before Internal Combustion (I.C.) engines came in to existence, there were lot of developments taking place with steam power vehicles.

We all are witnessing the progress of automobile manufacturing and the importance of personal mobility along with cleanliness & hygiene, post pandemic is growing day by day.

The steam which was driving the vehicles, few centuries back is today playing a major role towards maintaining cleanliness & hygiene.

Steam cleaning is an ecofriendly & effective way to clean the dirt of our car without using chemical and detergent agents. It helps in eliminating 99.9% of bacteria & considered very effective in cleaning.

Types of steam cleaning

Today’s automobiles are modern & sophisticated. They use new technology, are loaded with features to offer an elevated driving experience to users. Our cars today also need attention & care. Among the popular steam cleaning in the car, they are identified by two major types w.r.t the boiler application, fire tube & water tube types.

W.r.t the application for car cleaning they are majorly in two types – Portable hand held type & commercial type.

Applications & advantages

ATS ELGI’s Power of steam

ATS ELGI offers 2 types of car steam cleaners