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Direct Drive Compressor

What is direct Drive Air Compressor?

In a belt-driven air compressor, a belt connects the motor to the compressor pump — as the motor turns, the belt turns with it, activating the pump. In a direct drive motor, as the name suggests, the motor attaches directly to the compressor crankshaft.

Some Basic Technical Terms for Selecting Compressor:

Compressor Reliability

  • With robust windings, motors are Rated for higher (recommended 12) start/stop per hour, longer motor life even with fluctuating demand
  • Less oil fill requirement owing to optimized crank case and modular crank shaft design resulting in 70% Lower Oil change cost
  • Maintenance frequency similar to belt drive even with prolonged everyday use (Upto 12 hours a day)
  • With reduced air temperature @ outlet, Moisture and Oil carryover are reduced, which ensures longer life for downstream equipment and reduced maintenance on end user equipment (Filters, Dryers, FRL units etc.)