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four post lift

What is a four post lift?

A four post lift is a mechanical lifting system that relies on 4 posts to lift a piece of equipment, or a vehicle to a specified height in order to perform work on a product. 4 post lifts can make life much easier for a mechanic. These lifts make it simpler to lift the vehicle off the ground and will enable you to get to those impossible to reach areas.

Why do we need a four post lift?

Doing work under a vehicle involves a lot of risks and four post lifts are designed to prevent accidents and injuries. While there are a number of jacks available in the market, they definitely are not a substitute for a 4 post lift.They have safety features that preventaccidents and injury. Four post lifts are also sturdier alternatives to two-post lifts and provide quick “drive on – Drive off” vehicle loading.

Feature of a four post lift

A 4 post lift is compact and is best for all passenger vehicles. A hydraulic jack beam comes along with a capacity of 2 tonnes. This lift has an electrical air control operation system. It has a capacity of 4 tonnes and a lifting height of 1750 mm. It features a mechanical self-lock, air safety release and provides an additional feature of a manual release pump for lowering lift during a power cut.

A four post lift meets the needs of bodyshop owners wherein multiple point inspection and repair services can be done easily.