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High Washing Capacity of Automatic bus Washer

What is needed now is a level of hygiene that cannot be achieved by manual cleaning. As more bus operators trust commercial workshops to do the job, the latter need to optimize human effort, water, and detergent and time to remain profitable.

We at ATS ELGI have launched an automatic bus washer SMARTWASH JUMBO that meets the high demand for automation from commercial workshops, improving productivity and lowering dependence on human resources. Owing to its automatic vehicle length sensor, the product is ideal for washing all types of buses.

  • Precisely senses the windscreen for washing without damaging the front extended mirrors
  • Overlapping brushes at the front and rear to avoid dead-spots for washing efficiency
  • Optimally placed water and shampoo nozzles that cover the vehicle with a minimum number of nozzles

The product is set to dramatically improve the efficiency of workshops. At present, it takes at least 4-5 staff and 15-30 minutes to wash a bus manually. Manual washing of a bus also consumes 400-600 litres of water. Now, with the automatic bus washer, a workshop can accomplish the task in 4-7 minutes with only 100-250 litres of water and reduced staff.