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Importance of wheel balancing in 2W

Importance of wheel balancing in 2W

2W wheel balancing, or two-wheel balancing, refers to the process of ensuring that the two wheels of a vehicle are properly balanced and aligned with each other. This is typically done by adding small weights to the rims of the wheels in order to compensate for any imbalances in weight distribution. Wheel balancing is important because wheels lose their balance over time. Factors concerning the weight distribution of your vehicle, road conditions and tread wear can cause an unevenness in the tires, which can then lead to further uneven tread wear. As a result, the vehicle might shake or vibrate while in use.

When a technician balances the wheels, they typically apply a calibrated spin balancer, and will normally also test both the static (non-moving) and dynamic (moving) aspects of wheel balance. Any existing unevenness is corrected. Wheel balancing is a service that’s normally done when tires are rotated on the vehicle, or roughly every six to 12 months, depending on the vehicle and its use. Proper wheel balancing can extend the life of the tires and other components of the vehicle. When wheels are not balanced, the uneven wear on the tires can lead to premature wear and tear, which can be costly to replace. By balancing the wheels, drivers can ensure that their tires last longer and that other components of the vehicle are not subjected to undue stress and wear.

  • Balanced Tires Give You a Smoother Ride.
  • Balanced Tires Get Better Mileage.
  • Extend the Life of Your Tires
  • Protect Your Vehicle’s Suspension.
  • Enjoy a Safer Ride

With more than 6 decades of expertise and knowledge in the Automobile field we provide various solutions for Wheel Care products one among them being Wheel Balancers.We have a wide range of Wheel Balancers which may suit the customer’s site requirements as follows.

  • 2W Motorized Wheel Balancer
  • 2W Handspin Wheel Balancer

2W Motorized Wheel Balancer – Features :

It allows users to customize settings.

It has DYN/STA and different ALU balancing programs.With the attachment of a motorcycle adaptor, balancing can be done using a motorized method for motorcycle balancing.

Users can input distance /diameter/width by clockwise/ anti-clockwise wheel rotation.IMD display panel is resistant to scratch and erosion.

Technical Specifications:

Rim diameter 10” – 24”
Max. wheel weight 65 kg
Max. wheel diameter 1188 mm
Rim width 1.5” – 20”
Precision ± 1 g
Motor Power 0.25 kW
Power supply 100/230V 1ph
Rotation per min 200 rpm
Balancing time 10 sec