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Increasing trend of welding Aluminium parts in Automotive Industry

In the automobile sector, aluminium is becoming more and more popular as a way to improve vehicle fuel efficiency and better comply with industry rules. As a result, the demand for welding aluminium parts in the automotive industry is increasing.

MIG Welding

The advantages of MIG welding method are as follows:

  • Universality – the ability to weld all metals in all positions
  • High welding efficiency – higher from coated electrodes and TIG method
  • Relatively low cost of welding consumables
  • High quality of welds and
  • Possibility to automate the method

Auto body businesses should also invest in modern welding equipment made exclusively for aluminium.

A system designed for aluminium

Many manufacturers offer systems or welding packages designed to function together when selecting welding equipment and consumables for aluminium welding. The power supply, cable, gun, and other consumables, such as the nozzle, contact tip, and liner, are included in these bundles.

These packages are intended to be a turnkey welding solution, which is especially useful for those with less expertise welding aluminium. These systems simplify setup, have simple interfaces, and provide consistent arc performance, making it easier to carry out excellent repairs.

Another method auto body companies can prepare for the transition to aluminium welding is to learn aluminium cleaning processes. It is critical to clean the material as thoroughly as possible and to remove the coating of aluminium oxide on the material’s surface. This could make fixing vehicles that have been on the road difficult since dirt and gravel can become embedded in the base material. Greater care and attention to detail will be required during the cleaning procedure.

When cleaning, technicians or welding operators must first remove grease or other contaminants with a solvent such as acetone. Then, prior to welding, use a stainless-steel brush to remove the aluminium oxide.


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