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Is foam cleaning good for your car?

Many car owners take their vehicles to specialized washing service stations, while some prefer to wash them using a mixture of soap and water, followed by a quick rinse and drying down with a cloth or sponge. However, achieving the best car wash results takes more than mixing just soap and water – A foam car wash is a preferred method utilized for vehicle detailing shops worldwide.

Regular use of your vehicle exposes it to different contaminants, including dirt, dust, residues, grime, and others. These pollutants are a threat to a car’s paintwork integrity, which can be subjected to too much abuse in very little time.

Harmful substances can attach themselves to your vehicle’s paint and become embedded. Using specialized foam car wash supplies will help break down all the stubborn dirt particles from your car’s paint surface and wheels.

There are two reasons why foam car wash products must be used, for cleaning your vehicle. First, these products are primarily designed for softening dirt on your car, which cannot be easily achieved by using regular car wash shampoos and detergents.

The second reason is that average car wash solutions will leave behind marks and streaks on your car’s surface after drying, while a pre-wash foam will not produce such troubles. The foam car wash will make your vehicle cleaning process more manageable.

Some of the main benefits of using a foam wash on your vehicle include

  • Effortless lubrication to get rid of dirt particles from your car
  • Foam produces a smooth surface to wash the dirt away effectively
  • Decreased risk of scratching car paintwork
  • Foam cannons help prevent cross-contamination
  • Speeds up the car cleaning process