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Is it worth investing in a Wheel Alignment Scissor Lift?

This blog gives you an idea about Wheel Alignment Scissor lift in brief

Getting a Good Wheel Alignment Lift is good, but choosing the Right one for your needs is even more important. There are several aspects to consider, from integrated safety features to the type of wheel alignment machine that you choose to work alongside your new lift. It is essential that you make an informed decision in order to ensure the overall efficiency of your garage, remember time is money so take the time to truly understand your needs.

Why Wheel Alignment is Essential

Maintaining proper wheel alignment is essential to avoid unnecessary wear on your tyres, steering, suspension, and brakes. Accurate wheel alignment optimizes driving stability, maximizes tyre life and improves your vehicle’s overall handling performance.

Getting a Wheel Aligned

Wheel Alignment can be done at

  • In – ground Pit Type
  • Four Post Lift
  • Wheel Alignment Scissor Lift

In – ground Pit Type

It can be used for a variety of purposes, from total vehicle wheel alignment to changing the oil in a customer’s car. Other features of pit models include a walk-under center pit that saves you time raising and lowering vehicles.

Four Post Lift

Most commonly configured as a four post surface-mounted lift, this is the primary type of lift used by many mufflers, oil change, and transmission shops as well as those shops that perform wheel alignment services.

Wheel Alignment Scissor Lift

A wheel alignment scissor lift is specifically designed to suit all types of wheel alignment operations and to deliver maximum productivity out of your available space.

This model supports both on ground & in ground installation options to ensure maximum flexibility of the available workspace

Scissors Lift or Post Lifts, a Comparison

Lifts should have a positive locking mechanism to prevent them from falling should anything fail. Some alignment lifts use a parallelogram linkage to raise the vehicle. Rather than lifting straight up as scissors or post lift, the linkage raises and moves the vehicle forward slightly as it rises

Scissor lifts use a pair of X-shaped beams under each ramp to raise the vehicle, while post lifts have a post at each corner to raise the vehicle. Scissor lifts require more steel, which makes them more expensive than most post lifts, but the advantage is a smaller, narrower footprint, which saves valuable bay space.

The area between the ramps on a scissors lift is also open with no crossbeams to get in the way. This allows unobstructed access under the vehicle from front to rear.

Advantages of a Wheel Alignment Scissor Lift

Scissor Lift has a lifting capacity of 4 / 4.5 Tons and is designed to be used for wheel alignment in a similar way you would use a wheel alignment 4 Post Lift.Platform length is upto 4.5 M for longer vehicles. Eliminates the need for the drive-on ramp extensions, which can save four or five feet of length needed in an alignment bay.

The advantage is a smaller, narrower footprint, which saves valuable bay space.

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