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Levels of driving automation:

Six levels of driving automation in vehicles. First three automations is human monitors the driving environment rest three automations is automated system monitors the driving environment.

  • No Automation
  • Driver Assistance
  • Partial Automation
  • Conditional Automation
  • High Automation
  • Full Automation

No Automation:

Manual control. The human performs all driving tasks (Steering, acceleration, braking etc.)

Driver Assistance:

The vehicle features a single automated system (e.g., It monitors speed through cruise control)

Partial Automation:

ADAS. The vehicle can perform steering and acceleration. The human still monitors all tasks and can take control at any time.

Conditional Automation:

Environmental detection capabilities. The vehicle can perform most driving tasks, but human override is still required.

High Automation:

The vehicle performs all driving tasks under all conditions. Zero human attention or interaction is required.