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New Gen Dent spotter – Heavy pulling

Small dents and dings in our cars are quite aggravating for each of us. A dent in an automobile body can sometimes result in visible damage to the bodywork. To try to fix the damage oneself, many automobile owners are resorting to car dent pullers.

Dent removal kits pull dents from the outside of the car, unlike Paintless Dent Removal techniques, which push dents out from the inside. Car dent pullers are widely available and cheap to buy, but do they work?

No really it doesn’t work well and found improper surface finish.

Car dent pullers lift dents out of car bodywork and straighten the metal out.

Different Types of Dent Pullers Techniques

There are two main types of pullers:Suction and Glue kits.

Suction dent pullers work like plungers, you attach it to the dent and pull it up towards you to remove the dent.

Glue dent puller kits involve gluing a flat pulling tab directly onto the dent. The pulling tab has a screw function, so you twist the handle to pull the tab up and away from the car.

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INTELLI Dent Spotter 4000

INTELLI Dent spotter 4000 is a Microprocessor controlled, electronic system for repairing metal sheets, fit for applications in car body shops.

Adjustment of welding current according to the part to be welded (Star for traction, hook washer, studs, wavy wire, etc.).

Features of INTELLI Dent Spotter 4000

  • 5-function control managed by an encoder.
  • Single side spot gun with various welding procedures like shrinking, washer welding, stud welding, wavy wire, etc. are available
  • High precision time adjustment
  • The 2600 A allows to carry out all the straightening and welding operations of accessories such as a higher-powered dent puller
  • The manual gun with trigger ensures maximum precision in the correct positioning of the welding electrode

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