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The crunch of sunken car metal is something no car owner wants to hear or has to deal with. Unfortunately, many do. Dents are a common auto body repair problem, whether it’s a bump in the fender from parking too close to something or a door ding from a driver who’s not paying attention. While body shops fix dents best, DIY kits can be for smaller; and mid-size dings and dents.

For large dents, there’s no way around it; even pros sometimes have difficulty getting out the deep dents, so there’s not much chance that you’ll be able to do it at home. There aren’t home kits or DIY solutions that will remove major damage to a vehicle’s doors or bumper. Trying to repair dents with a DIY dent repair kit can lead to more problems and paint damage without professional experience.

Small door dings may be able to come out easy with a suction cup dent puller or similar. That being said, you might be able to get dents looking better with an at-home kit, at least till you can get it professionally seen, and we’ve found some of the best kits for you to choose from.

Dent Liner+ for Big Dents

Finding the right dent removal kit will improve the appearance of cars plagued by door dings and dents. A dent puller for large dents may be on the market, but it won’t be able to do what an auto body repair shop can. Save money, pain, and damage by seeking out professional help.

The Dent Liner+ machine enables the dent pulling of almost any area throughout the vehicle body in all needed directions. It is a new and unique panel repair system.

Versatile equipment for Dent pulling

In our selection, you will find high-quality dent pulling equipment, e.g. Dent spotters for aluminium and steel. You can also get combination equipment of aluminium and steel as well as smaller dent pulling tools.

This Dent Liner+ system makes dent pulling and straightening of panels and housings faster and more economical. Quick and easy to use are the best features of Smart Puller that are also ideal for almost any car body straightening job throughout the body to all required directions. Our Dent Liner+ enables the dent repair of vehicle front parts, box structures, side structures, rear end, rear corners, roof structures and car doors. When a stronger pull is needed, a double pull can be used to create more pulling power.

Why Dent Liner+ puller system is superior compared to other dent pulling kits?

According to the information from the insurance companies, approximately 80% of all damages are surface panel ones. The surface damage often appears on the box structures which cannot be repaired from inside of the car.

An exterior straightening with the use of Dent Liner+ means remarkable savings in working time because the doors and other body structures will not need to be disassembled and reassembled. The advantages of Dent Liner+ can be best noticed in the repair of the large dents on the welded side panels of the car and the roof. This is why Dent Liner+ is one of the most important pieces of equipment in modern body shops.

Pulling a dent – how does it work?

Using the dent pulling system is made easy with Smart Puller.

Easy use of the equipment has been achieved with the flexible pulling bars and the adjustable support pads.

The compact structure of the Smart Puller enables very easy use. Equipment needed for support and dent pulling can be adjusted to the correct area, where they stay without holding. Dent Liner+ needs a spot welder for fixing the washers or welding wire to the area to be pulled.

The speciality of the Smart Puller is its ability to pull dents almost all over the body in all needed directions.

Double pull method

For the targets needing stronger pulling power, double pull with two pulling screws* can be used. The possibility for double pull enables a wider usage area of Smart Puller for even more demanding repair jobs. The force of two pulling screws is over 1000 kg/2205 lbs. That much pulling power often is sufficient for the targets.

How can Dent Liner+ help with repairing vehicle dents?

With Dent Liner+ you can repair a wide range of areas of the damaged vehicle. Below you can find a detailed list of different car dent pulling areas you can work easily,

  • Vehicle front parts.
  • Box structures
  • Rear end and rear corners
  • Roof structures
  • Car doors
  • Running boards