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Smart Duo Greater Convenience and Efficient Washing for Two wheelers

India is the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world. The two-wheeler manufacturing sector contributes to 7% of the GDP and 2% of GST revenues. It is estimated that India has around 190 million two-wheelers. At present, two-wheeler production accounts for more than 80% of total automotive production in India. Indian two-wheeler producers of motorcycles and scooters have more than 25 million units of installed production capacity.

Smart Duo Features

Smart Duo washing lift can be installed in a multistoried workshop and does not necessitate any kind of civil work. The structure is made up of rust-free galvanised metal and provides easy access to all parts of the vehicle.

Mechanical Safety Lock

Automatic Lock will engage while lifting the Vehicle in an upward directio. A Lock release pedal gives a smooth release of the mechanical lock.

Foldable Ramp

Ensures safety to the operator while washing in 360-degree accessibility, the lift can be folded up in upward motion after it is raised up.

Front Wheel Lock

Front-wheel lock supports both big and small tires.


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