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With over 25 years of experience ATS ELGI has installed around 3500 paint spray booths across the globe. The R & D experts of ATS ELGI have been carefully designing and developing paint spray booths for automotive and other industrial applications such as furniture, commercial vehicles and other manufacturing industries.

Why Paint Spray Booths are needed

Paint spray booths are vital for any finishing industry. Besides complying to health reasons there are numerous benefits of installing paint spray booths.

It disregards contamination of harmful elements that may cause serious health hazards. It also helps in reducing the dust, temperature and humidity that arises in the environment easing the employees job. Since it eliminates harmful fumes and particles from the environment, paint spray booth makes the rest of the workplace air clean.

The appropriate lighting and baking heat ensure quality finish. Any unwanted dust or debris on the product that may end in uneven surfaces are avoided.

Features of ATS ELGI Paint booth

The ATS ELGI paint booth have been designed to reduce energy consumption and adapts to different speeds. It utilizes air only when necessary and has an optimum number of fresh air exchange and baking temperature. It has an intuituive display of the ongoing phase and of the residual life of filters.


The paint booth also offers a metal base, a vehicle entry ramp, parts hangar, diesel tank and a diesel tank stand

Reasons to choose ATS ELGI Paint Booth

ATS ELGI has an overall market and dealer presence and an experienced team of R & D. We have been open to customized options and the spare parts are readily available. We have a committed after sales team who ensures customer satisfaction.