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ATS ELGi is involved in the designing & manufacturing of Spray Paint Booths, for the last 25 years, and is proud to complete 3,500+ installations successfully across the globe.

Our Spray Booth caters not only for the Automotive Industry, but also for Furniture Industries, Truck Painting, Locomotive Industries and other Manufacturing Industries too. ATS ELGI with its dedicated R&D team is involved in designing and manufacturing customized solutions to different industries. It is always extremely important to check twice before selecting a paint booth, as it may result in direct cash loss to the organization, due to unnecessary running costs, or it may not be sufficient enough to cater to load and exact requirements.

Read the points below to know more about the spray paint booth – Buyers Guide.


1) Why do I need a paint booth?

To maintain:

  • Dust-Free Environment
  • Avoid Contamination of Harmful Elements
  • Appropriate Lighting
  • Baking/li>
  • Quality Finish & High Productivity
2) What kind of Paint Booth do I need?

A few factors to look at while choosing a Paint Booth are:

  • Dimensions of the Vehicle.
  • Down Draft Air Flow.
  • Air Velocity – 0.2 to 0.3 m/s
  • No. of Fresh Air Exchanges – a minimum of 5
  • Baking Temperature at least to 60 deg
  • Scope of Supply
3) What safety standards or operational standards to look for?

Safety standard to look for:

  • Must be able to reduce electrical consumption
  • Must be able to utilize air only when necessary
  • Must be able to manage different speeds
  • Intuitive Display showing statistics like the ongoing phase and the residual life of the filters manage energy saving during painting/ baking

4) What dimensions should a convectional Paint Booth have?

The below image shows a typical dimension for a paint booth. Based on your requirements for heavy vehicles we may have to choose a different dimension.

5) What Features do I need in my Paint Booth?

Any equipment requires some basic features to be useful. But ATS ELGi paint booths offer more than basic, customer satisfaction and value for money is an important factor when they design and manufacture equipment. A few features to make your life easier:

  • Inverter based model
  • Direct shaft mounted blowers without the use of belts/pulleys
  • Capable to produce different air volume controlled by Variable Frequency Drive
  • LCD control panel showing different parameters for easy viewing
6) What are the scope of the supplier?

There are many players in the market who manufacture or assemble paint booths. We feel these are the main aspects that have to be considered when choosing the supplier of paint booths. They should be offering all these sections as part of the paint booth.

  • Metal Base
  • Vehicle Entry Ramps
  • Parts Hanger
  • Diesel Tank
  • Diesel Tank Stand
7) How to select a manufacturer?

Try selecting a manufacturer by marking off the below points.

  • Overall Market presence and experience
  • Dedicated R&D Team
  • Provide value to the customer
  • Strong dealer presence throughout
  • Open to customized options
  • Availability of spares easily
  • Strong after sales team


“Anyone can design a product, but it is only the best of companies that can manufacture them with reliability, repeatability, and support throughout the product life cycle and above all, offer these at an affordable price.”
  ~ Mr LRG Naidu…