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Why Do You Need A Tyre Changer In A Garage?

A car’s tyres are more than just some rolling components. It contributes to a comfortable trip. The tyres on your car play a similar role when you’re driving on curvy roads, helping your car handle like a champ. These are just some instances to show how important a car’s tyres are. However, they do have a lifespan and be replaced. But do you know when to do so? Here are some pointers to tell you when to change car tyres.

When to Change Car Tyres?

Worn out Tread

Passenger cars have tyres with tread on them. This enables you to use you car in a variety of road conditions, dry or wet. However, over time, the tread wears thin. A tyre with tread throws water on roads away from the vehicle. A tyre low on thread keeps pushing water in front of it, causing the car to ride on water (hydroplane) and even skid. Many car tyres today feature tread wear indicators to help you know how much the tread has worn out. Always keep an eye on that. A fast reduction in tread is a tell-tale sign that you should replace your car tyres.

Uneven wear pattern

Uneven tread wear takes place when you frequently brake and/or accelerate your car hard. This tends to wearing a portion of the tyre more than the rest. You can determine this by taking a look at the tyre. A portion of the tyre will have shallower grooves than the rest. That’s your cue to either stop accelerating and/or braking hard or look for a new tyre.

Why Do You Need A Tyre Changer In A Garage?

Low profile tyres and run flat tyres made changing tyres very difficult. To overcome this problem, a helper arm was developed. It comes with various attachments to assist with taking the tyre on and off the rim.A tyre changer with an assistor arm has become essential. It makes the task easier for the operator and prevents damage to the tyre . Now tyre bays have something better to look forward to in tyre changers with lever less technology.

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