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BENCH Model – B10

Universal equipment for car body repair.

The system is equipped with:-

  • Drive-on ramps and scissor lift, which make car fastening easy and quick.
  • Structure of the straightening bed is specially designed for easy access to vehicle chassis for straightening, measurement, re-assembly, service and other repair jobs in the car (vehicle) chassis.

Model : B10

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  • Super-quick vehicle fastening with single-bolt sill clamps and straightening bed scissor lift
  • Quick straightening to all directions (upwards/downwards, sideways)
  • Works also on demanding chassis straightening with long-structured equipment
  • Suitable also as a lift, e.g., in car re-assembly
  • Advanced work ergonomics
  • Affordable to expand, e.g., to a multi work station system
Parameters Specification
Lifting capacity  3000 kg
Lifting height 1.5 m / 4.9 ft
Pulling force Approx. 10 t
Required Power Air pressure
Required floor space 4.5 x 7 m /14.8 x 23 ft (with drive-on ramps attached)
Weight (approx.) 1000 kg


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