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Eagle 4i


ATS ELGI a 3 decade Automobile Industry is delighted to introduce our new product branded EAGLE 4i & EAGLE 2i- a 3D Wheel Alignment Machine for Trucks, Buses, Trailers and LCV capable of measuring 4 axles simultaneously under 3 minutes and further axles upto 16 meters sequentially, 3 times faster than old conventional Sensor tyre wheel alignment.

Until now, Wheel alignment for CVs world over, is done using Sensor technology. This means mounting electronic sensor heads on all the wheels to measure alignment angles which takes minimum 45 minutes to complete the Alignment process.

With our new State of art EAGLE 4i- Commercial Vehicles can be measured using the latest 3D technology, with no electronics on wheels instead only target plates made of Magnesium alloy. (No charging required)

With New EAGLE 4i a user shall get reduced spares and service cost since complicated electronic sensors eliminated completely from wheels.

These features from EAGLE 4i resulting is many direct and indirect benefits such as Less service and spares cost, Man power savings compared to old sensor type wheel alignment and Quick ROI as the time taken to complete Wheel alignment is less compared to old sensor type wheel alignment.

This 3D wheel Aligner doesn’t require frequent Calibration, reduces downtime. Camera to System input through LAN cables for better Accuracy, faster and reliable results.

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  • Simultaneous measurement of 4 Axles.
  • No Electronics on wheels
  • Capable of measuring Cars, Buses, Trucks & trailers with wheelbase from 2 meters and up to 16 meters.
  • Machine vision system automatically recognizes the targets that are installed on the wheels. No need of levelling the targets
  • High resolution Wide scope cameras.
  • Auxiliary target display for target setting (only for 4i)
  • 4 Compensation modes available. Forward rolling compensation – First in class in this segment.
  • Compact and easy targets, no need to calibrate it & easy to handle.
  • Wheel adapters are self-centring with the mobile central part fit 12"-24".
  • Frame reference, baseline reference and Axle reference are available (as an optional)
  • Bluetooth remote control ensures easy operation
  • 7 modes of Graphical User Interface
  • Powered by DELL system with 22 inch LED monitor.

This machine has been successfully installed and working more than 61 customer places including OEM workshops like TATA, Eicher, Bharat Benz and OEM tyreshops like Micheline, CEAT and Multibrands

Parameter Measurement Range Maximum error in measurement Average error in measurement
Front Wheel Alignment
Camber +/-8º +/-3' +/-2'
Front Total Toe +/-5º +/-3' +/-2'
Caster +/-19º +/-8' +/-5'
SAI/KPI +/-19º +/-8' +/-5'
Lock Angle +/-45º +/-10' +/-5'
Rear Wheel Alignment
Camber +/-8º +/-3' +/-2'
Rear Total Toe +/-5º +/-3' +/-2'
Symmetry Angles
Front Set Back +/-2,5º +/-3' +/-2'
Rear Set Back +/-2,5º +/-3' +/-2'
Thrust Angle +/-2,5º +/-3' +/-2'
Geometrica l Driving Axis +/-2,5º +/-3' +/-2'
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