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EXACT BlackTech X Plus, the new passive target wheel aligner technology with 8 high resolution digital cameras for maximum measurement precision. The automation of the wheel alignment operations and the extreme reliability of the components greatly enhance productivity.

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  • Professional wheel alignment programme that includes all functions required by wheel aligning professionals.
  • Automatic Camera rotation – The cameras are always correctly positioned. Maximises ease of use and work speed
  • XR – with automatic camera rotation, the Cameras position themselves automatically to adapt to the predefined lift height and XP with Fixed cameras.
  • 8 high resolution digital cameras – Maximum measurement accuracy and stability. Works with NIR Technology
  • Blacktag – Built with highly resistant materials with additional sun-filter, Suitable for difficult working conditions
  • Aligner comes with Customisable procedure.
  • International database with 20,000 models
Parameter Range
Total toe ± 20°
Half toe ± 10°
Camber ± 10°
Caster ± 30°
King pin ± 30°
Thrust angle ± 10°
Steering difference at 20° ± 10°
Power supply voltage 115-230 Vac 50-60 Hz 1ph
Power absorption 500 W
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