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Plastic Repair Kit- Staples Type

ATS ELGI PLASTIC STAPLER KIT is the ideal tool to combine all the plastic parts that are broken. What it really does is melts in the plastic a steel wire of 8 tenth, combining and reinforcing the plastic parts. In this way the repair becomes quicker because the jaws remain under the surface to treat, avoiding thickenings that usually involve conventional systems of repairs.

These stapler kits are most useful in all Body shops for reinforcing/combining several broken parts like Grills, Bumpers, Head and Tail light bases etc. These plastic items used in vehicles are most expensive and are being replaced for minor damages.

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  • Portable Single Phase Plastic Welder kit in a carrier for easy mobility.
  • 4 different types of staples for welding hard to read areas (each 100 Nos) – 1 set
  • Adjustable Temperature of staple for different types of plastics
  • Bigger transformer for heavy duty cycle and continues use
  • Can weld bumpers, radiator grills, ac vents, head lamp & tail lamp brackets
Dimensions 250x180x135mm
Power Supply 230 v, 50Hz
Amperes 5 – 30 amps
Weight 4.8 kg
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