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Prep Station is basically used for carrying out all preparatory works prior to painting, Even minor paint jobs can also be done inside this specially designed air velocity induced booth.

During sanding mode and putty application, the extracted air from inside Will be exhausted to atmosphere after 3 levels of filtration.

During primer and painting operation, the extracted air from inside Will be circulated after 4 Levels of filtration process.

Direction of air flow will be controlled by automatic pneumatic dampener provided In the air duct based on the operating mode selected.


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  • Used for preparation work before painting. (Dry sanding, putty application, polishing etc.)
  • Used for primer coating
  • For painting (small Jobs)
  • Pneumatically operated automatic dampener control on mode selection
  • 3 sided curtain and 1 side wall provides better air flow and velocity
  • In built drive on ramp saves floor space requirement
  • Blower with 18000 m3 / hr – Delivery capacity
  • 1000 Lux is maintained inside Prep station
  • 3 Level filtering for sanding mode
  • 4 Level filtering for painting mode
Specification Unit Range
Type   Downdraft – 6.3 m
Side wall Polyurethane Sandwich panel
Panel thickness mm 50
Door –  PVC Curtain
Blower type Centrifugal Blower
Blower Capacity m3/hr 18000
Motor Power kW/ HP 5.5/ 7.5
Input Supply 3Ф, 415V +10%/ – 15%  , 50Hz ±5%
Ceiling filter media size Micron 5
Pocket filter media size Micron 10
Maximum capacity of metal base Kg 3000
Maximum capacity of Grids Kg 900
No. of Tube lights Nos. 24 (6 Frames with 4 Nos. Tube light each)
Tube light power   Watt 36/ Tube light
Air velocity m/s 0.2
Required air pressure kg/cm2 5 – 6
Working temperature ºC 0 to +70
Overall dimensions (L X W X H) mm 6523 x 5190 x 3330
Inner dimensions (L X W X H) mm 6300 x 3675 x 2680
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