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Pulse Tools

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Non Shut off tools are recommended for the applications where speed and ergonomics are important and Shut off tools for the applications where Torque & accuracy required,Ideal for engine assy, under chassis, Interior assy in all the veichle industries and engineering industries.

Model Square Drive (inch) Bolt Size Free Speed Working Torque Nm Working Pressure Mpa Net weight Air consumption m3/min
OUN 881PD 1/2″ M10-M12 4700rpm 55-80Nm 0.5-0.6 1.6Kg 0.5
OUN 551PD 3/8″ M6-M8 6300rpm 20-38Nm 0.5-0.6 0.96Kg 0.4
OUT 991PD 1/2″ M10-M12 4200rpm 45-90Nm 0.5-0.6 2.1Kg 0.57
OUN  441SD 3/8″ M5-M6 5000rpm 5-14Nm 0.5-0.6 0.88Kg 0.4
OUN  331SD 3/8″ M4-M5 4200rpm 4-8Nm 0.5-0.6 0.88Kg 0.35
OUT 441PD 3/8″ M5-M6 5300rpm 5-14Nm 0.5-0.6 1Kg 0.4
OUT 331PD 3/8″ M4-M5 4200rpm 4-8Nm 0.5-0.6 1Kg 0.35
Productivity: Ergonomics benefit can increase productivity, Low maintenance: Longer service life due to less wear on parts ,only oil ,O-ring, spring or washer need to be replaced to extend the use life . Repeatability: Consistent and accurate performance on properly application,torque Monitoring available for  performance verification. Ergonomics: Oil pulse unit brings low reaction force during operation, low noise, low vibration ,less wait for operation comfort.
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