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There is obvious drift in the automotive paints from the usage of solvent borne paints to water borne paints . Although the water borne paints reduces VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions , but it takes longer drying time than solvent based paints. ATS ELGI smart dry reduces the drying time of water borne paints by creating a turbulent air flow on the painted surface which breaks down the slow moving boundary air and quickens the drying process.

Model : Horizontal Velocity Dry

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  • Drying of water borne paints
  • Low Power Consumption – 0.25 kw/each tower
  • Automatic opening & closing of doors
  • Certified Flame Proof Motor
  • 10 Micron pocket filters
  • Can be integrated with any models of paint booth
  • Better finish
S.No Specifications SmartDry
1 Overall dimensions (L XB X H) 500 X 425 X 2075 mm
2 Input Supply 3 Phase, 415 V  , 50 Hz
3 No. of Nozzles 8
4 Air Flow / Nozzle 59 CFM
5 Average air velocity / Nozzle 21.4 m/s
6 Filter media size 10 Micron
7 Impeller type Centrifugal with backward curve
8 Type of motor Flame proof
9 Motor Power 0.25 KW
10 Required air pressure 3-5 kg/cm2
11 Working temperature 0 to 90ºC
12 Weight (Approx.) 74 kg
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